Sunday, September 16, 2012

Urban Heroes

Urban Heroes
Lebanon is famous for its cedars, and luckily they are still abundant in protected nature reserves.  A rare sight in this country on the other hand are bicycles, not least because it is dangerous to ride your bike in a city like Beirut.

            How I Painted Her Dreams

One evening when passing by a small electrician's shop which had already closed I saw it had kept some flashy lights on.  Would be nice to think that Nina had as colourful a dream when she was chilling on one of the few public beaches in Lebanon.

 Finally I Can See The Light

When taking a walk along the Corniche seafront in Beirut, you will almost certainly find these mosaics on the floor and benches.  That superimposed an admittedly somewhat cheesy photo of the sun shining through the branches of a palm tree which I took using a "Star 8" filter. 

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