Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Alternate Versions 1

Sometimes when I find an interesting photo motif I end up taking several pictures, albeit always with some tiny variations.  If such pics overlap with pics from yet another such "variations on a certain topic"-session, I every now and then as a result get a whole set of more or less similar multiple exposure photos.  So here are a few variations on previously published "images of the subconscious"  with some explanations as to how they came about.  

Floating Across A Recipe Book

Before Nina and I started our two week visit to Lebanon I decided to not come "unprepared".  So I spent several hours in our apartment listening to the music of Toufic Farroukh, Rabih Abou Khalil and Fairouz while taking pictures of things with a strong link to the country of the cedars: oriental CD covers, a can of Tahini or hommos, books like "Orientalism", "The Prophet" or cook books as this final product illustrates.

On one of our first days in Lebanon, my father-in-law took us to a lake in the mountains where we spotted some swans.  Of course it is one of the cheesiest photo motifs on earth, but apparently part of me likes "kitsch" :-)

Let' s Think

One sunday evening my mother-in-law, Nina, Bassam and I walked along Corniche seafront in Beirut and enjoyed a beautiful sunset (speaking of kitsch, hehe).  So I took portraits of the profiles of Bassam and Francoise against the fast descending source of light, in this photo, Francoise's elegantly accompanies the flight of stairs.

As mentioned in another post I needed to rush things to "fill my cartridges with content" when the end of our two weeks stay in Lebanon was drawing near.  One of these rushed pictures was a series of photos of stairs that had the words "LETS THINK POSITIVE" painted onto them.

The Return Of The Seaman

Again at the Corniche, this time I caught some guy walking around on the rocks by the sea.

One afternoon I spent about an hour walking around in Hamra with my camera, prepared to use colour filters for whatever I would "portrait".  Some stairs and a brick wall that fenced of some greenery were among those things and seem to nicely accompany the Seaman in the above collage.

When Worlds Collide

The same bricks as above in this photo share the frame with an image of the almost 40 year-old ruin of the Holiday Inn in downtown Beirut, as seen through a side street. 

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