Monday, April 4, 2016

Vienna - Hong Kong

Part two of my creative 'dadaistic' collaboration with artist James Li, who used a trip to his hown town Hong Kong in late 2015 to take some pictures on top of photographs I made in Vienna a few weeks before.

Manifeste Cannibale Dada
By Francis Picabia (1920)

You are all indicted; stand up!  Stand up as you would for the Marseillaise or God Save the King....    Dada alone does not smell: it is nothing, nothing, nothing.

 It is like your hopes: nothing.

 Like your paradise: nothing.
Like your idols: nothing.
Like your politicians: nothing.

  Like your heroes: nothing.

Like your artists: nothing.

Like your religions: nothing.

Hiss, shout, kick my teeth in, so what? I shall still tell you that you are half-wits. In three months my friends and I will be selling you our pictures for a few francs.

Saturday, February 6, 2016

Città Irreale

 ...more photos from the trip to Venice in summer 2015.

Vivid Memories

Città Irreale 

 Water That' s Not Moving

 Driving Round In Circles

 Stairway To The Sea
 All Good Things Must Come To An End 

Sunday, January 31, 2016

Vienna - Grand Rapids

About a year ago it struck me that I might have given this blog a somewhat inaccurate title.  After all, the pictures displayed were not images of the human subconscious in general but rather images of my subconscious.  But then, last year in November my friend James Li suggested I take analogue pictures and send him the cartridge to Michigan so that he can take overlapping photos on the film.

Here are the results.

Inside Out

 She's Watching Over You

 Sinking City

 There Once Was A River

Singing Pages Of Wisdom
The Colours Of Sound 1

  The Colours Of Sound 2

Austria Through My Michigan Window

 Midday Sunset