Sunday, September 23, 2012

Ego Trips

 Those Were The Days 

The other day I took an old photo album from the shelf and made pictures of portraits that were taken of me in the seventies and eighties - sometimes (as in this case) I superimposed them using multiple exposure.   When I saw those two young Roberts blend with the eyes of Max, the one year old son of a close friend of mine, I instantly had to think of the Cream song that I chose for the photo title.

"Tie your painted shoes and dance
Blue daylight in your hair
Overhead a noiseless eagle fans a flame
Wonder everywhere."

 How To Build A Stronger Ego

My brother came to Vienna recently and we spent some time walking around taking pictures of buildings I get to see almost every day - like the "Haas Haus".   That made me feel (and possibly look) like a tourist in my own town.   A few days later Nina and I had a very brief photo shoot in our living room during which she took three portraits of me with some strong light coming from the bottom left.

I had no idea what to call this picture.  So I searched the web using the keywords "ego" and "building".   The very first search result became the photo title.

 Things Are Not What They Seem

This is another portrait of me taken by Nina during the same living room photo session as in "How To Build A Stronger Ego".  Nina asked me to do the "counter-intuitive" and keep the eye that is exposed to the light open while closing the one on the "dark side".   The other picture with the lampshades, wooden wall and family portrait was taken inside a typical Viennese Kaffeehaus while I was being a "tourist in my own city". 

When I was thinking of a suitable photo title, the first word that came to mind was the latin word "illuminatus".  I do not consider myself such, however decided to use that keyword for a search on the web.  I came across a trilogy by Robert Shea and Robert Anton Wilson.  The story meanders between thoughts, inner voices (both real and imagined) as well as through the past, present, and future.  This blog post surely enough meanders through my own past and present - and future?  :-)       


If I ever was to consciously decide upon blending a seventies photograph of myself with the menu announcement outside a Viennese restaurant, I would surely position the white letters a bit more to the right of the picture.  But since thanks to coincidence - or whatever - this is how the picture turned out, I guess it is how it was meant to be :-)

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