Friday, October 19, 2012

Surrealistic Vienna

The other day, after a private meeting right in the city center got cancelled on extremely short notice, I decided to head off on a little adventure.  Since I had my camera with me, I decided to make the best of the time "gained" and walked around, looking for interesting photo motifs.  After approximately four hours I had a 24 exposure cartridge full with photos twice.  240 (minutes) divided by 48 (pics) makes 5.

In other words: I took one photo every five minutes.  

There must be hundreds of people walking up or down these stairs at the Belvedere Palace every hour.  However I waited at least ten minutes until someone came along wearing clothes in strong colours :-)  The leaf of a tree, photographed in the morning of the same day, adds its strong green to the final result.  

The same stairs as above, another "long awaited woman in red" (this time with male company) and the subway station "Karlsplatz" juxtapose the hectic energy of a working day and the care-freeness of being on vacation.

 A fountain at the Lower Belvedere and again the subway station "Karlsplatz".

A tourist enjoys the October sun on one of the seats at the Belvedere, and two friends do just the same while sitting on the lawn in Stadtpark. 

Some modern sculpture which currently faces the Soviet War Memorial partly hides and reveals a photo of people sitting at the edge of the pond in the middle of Stadtpark. 



  1. Wow, really, really great! (we check all your posts ). Very original idea and "mind-blowing" (how Mantas put it) pictures. Please don't stop, we are looking forward to more! We hope to visit your exhibition one day, your works are definitely worth it! Another thing Mantas said, "your pictures had greater impression on him than those we saw on World Press this year". I think I agree.

    1. Wow, thanks a lot Palina and Mantas, that' s a huge compliment. Having an exhibition of your own artwork is one of those things that happen to other people but never to yourself. I can' t grasp that idea yet...